Louisiana Department of Insurance Reminds Parents of Child Safety Seat Laws

The Louisiana Department of Insurance wants parents to be aware of the child safety seat laws going into the summer, a time typically filled more travel. 

Parents should be aware of the following: 

  1. Rear Facing Seats – Under 2 years old must be restrained in a rear facing child safety seat until the child reaches the seat weight or height limit. 
  2. Forward Facing Seats – At least 2 years old and has outgrown the rear facing child safety seat by weight or height. 
  3. Booster Seats – At least 4 years old and has outgrown the forward facing child seat by weight or height. 
  4. Seat Belts – At least 9 years old or has outgrown the booster seat and can pass the 5 Step Test. 

The Five Step Test: 

  1. Seat belt fits correctly when child sits back against the seat
  2. Child’s knees bend over the edge of the seat
  3. Belt fits snuggly across thighs and lower hips and not the abdoment
  4. The shoulder strap snuggly crosses the center of the chest and not the neck


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