Zwolle Chief of Police

When imagining the position of police chief for a town, one would typically paint a picture of a courageous individual with great pride in his town. It comes as no surprise that in a town packed with pride, such as Zwolle, that the current chief of police is just that.

Daniel Thomas of Zwolle, Louisiana has served his hometown as the Chief of Police for nearly six years now. A job, he says, he proudly does and continues to love to do. Having served as a patrolman and on the police force since 2009, Thomas knows the value of a police force held to a higher standard. It is with this mentality of holding his officers accountable that he has continued to build Zwolle into a better community every day. Chief Thomas lets it be known that “when you work for [him], community policing is expected, getting to know the citizens is expected, down to just waving at someone as they pass you on the street”. He believes that you cannot protect a community without first recognizing that the police force is made up of the community and its citizens.

With the drive to not only protect his community, but to care for its citizens, Daniel Thomas made the decision to run for Chief of Police in his beloved hometown of Zwolle in 2015 where he has served full time since. Prior to his time as chief, Thomas worked as a supervisor for Weyerhaeuser where he learned to lead a team. Along with his job as the full-time police chief, Daniel Thomas also serves as the pastor for Macedonia Baptist Church. A job which he says he loves because it gives him the opportunity to give back and to be better.

Being an active part of the community himself, and having a family and five children along with his wife, Thomas knows better than anyone the importance of a safe town led by people who truly care for its citizens. Chief Thomas is excited to continue the growth of the local police force when it comes to areas such as community policing, local outreach, and engaging in education of the area youth. When asked what quote he would like to represent his leadership and values, Chief Thomas said “I’d like to finish off with a bible verse from the book of Matthew…blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God”.

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