Town of Many Names First Female Interim Chief of Police

MANY, La – After a long history of a male lead in the position of Chief of Police, the Sabine Parish town of Many is proudly welcoming in their first female Police Chief. In November 2020, Many sadly lost their former chief. In December, after a month of seeking the right fit for the position, Cheryl Wooley stepped up and hasn’t looked back since. With an expansive and impressive background in a multitude of areas surrounding both law and order, this long-time local has been just the right person for the job.

Cheryl was named interim police chief for the town of many after a vote during a specially held meeting on December 14th, 2020 following the death of Chief Roger Freeman. Said to be “well qualified” for the job by Mayor Ken Freeman, Wooley has made steady progress towards what she believes can be an even better community. She has quickly and naturally taken to the interim, soon to become official, position by utilizing her experience including eleven years in Oklahoma as an agent of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, time as a child welfare supervisor, and a position on the Board of Directors for Project Celebration which serves to protect and give a voice to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Newly named interim Chief Wooley recognizes the need for growth when it comes to all areas of the local police force. Her plans include specialized training for officers to better utilize their individualized skills and an update to locally used technology, along with plans to strengthen relationships with other local law enforcement agencies. Chief Wooley is most excited about building relationships within the community itself through “community policing” to ensure that all local citizens not only feel protected, but heard as well.

It’s clear after only a short interview with Chief Wooley that she is passionate about the job, as well as qualified. Her excitement and fresh ideas, along with her background in law enforcement, are the perfect addition to an excellent team of local law enforcement agencies.

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