Hurricane Season Starts Today

RRPJ-Hurricane Season-18Jun1The first day of June is the start of the hurricane season. Louisiana has had its share of tropical storms and hurricanes over the years. Last year we had two hurricanes come through our state. Already this year the US has had to deal with one tropical storm. It missed Louisiana and several local farmers say we could have used the rain.

Everyone remembers the disastrous Hurricane Katrina that hit the state on August 29th, 2005. That was nearly thirteen years ago however most of us remember the path of flooding and destruction Katrina left in her wake.

In 2017 we experienced Hurricane Harvey in August and Hurricane Nate in October. Fortunately neither packed the knock-out punch of Katrina. Here in our parish the effects were minimal last year. Over the past decade, the biggest months for hurricanes in Louisiana are August and September. They have occurred as early as June and as late as November.

State and local governmental bodies are making plans for dealing with storms should one come our way. It might be a good time for you to get out your family emergency plan and revise it.

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